Who am I? 

A rich and delightful question at the core of every human: Who am I? 

I am an economist and a human.*

You can find my academic resume here.

My name is Aisling, pronounced Ash-ling. It's gaelic and means dream, vision or vision poem. 

At age 16, I sat in an economics course, humbled by the counter intuitive nature of a supply and demand question. I was fascinated; that day I decided I wanted my PhD in economics.  

A little over a decade later, I complete my PhD at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business in Business and Public Policy (BPP). I'm a micro-economist by training. I chose to study at Haas rather than a traditional economics graduate program because of it's focus on institutional analysis, a dying yet extremely important field within economics. At UC Berkeley, I helped start a research seminar series for women economists. Broadly, I study how to design institutions and how institutional features affect outcomes such as savings, experimentation, trust and cooperation. I hesitate to label myself within economics as I'm quite a young scholar, but others may call me a behavioral experimental economist. I had the honor of having John Morgan as my primary advisor. 

I graduated from Claremont McKenna College with honors in economics in 2012. At CMC, I was a Robert Day Scholar and helped introduce a public service component to the program. I studied abroad at Hertford College, Oxford University where I enrolled in exclusively economics tutorials. However, I developed an eclectic group of British friends who studied many other subjects such as medical anthropology and linguistics. During my year abroad, I walked through Christ Church meadows every morning; it never failed to be a stunning awakening to each day. 

Walking, running, and practicing yoga are essential nutrients for me. In 2012, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in the Baptiste vinyasa flow tradition. I run for fun and completed 3 half marathons while in graduate school. 

My mother, a glass artist, instilled a deep love of art in me. I find tactile arts are the best outlets for my creative expressions. I throw and hand build pottery. Occasionally, I dabble in drawing and writing. 

Overall, I seek to ask interesting questions and aspire to answer a subset of them well. Please feel free to ask me more questions.  

*Note: Economist AND human is inspired by Deirdre McCloskey's series of essays that discuss and deconstruct the field of economics.