July 2018

I finished my PhD in May! My advisor John Morgan gave a kind speech about me at commencement and retitled my last paper TMI (too much information).

In May, I had the honor of helping Indisputable Labs with their token economics in their white paper. Their latest protocol, Coral, is working to prevent fraud on the blockchain. Check them out at heycoral.com

Now, I am starting to work at Facebook on the People Analytics team as a People Research Scientist. I'm looking forward to working on interesting problems in a fast moving environment with a large impact. The People Analytics team was one of the most thoughtful, humble, and smart teams I met with on my job search and I couldn't be more excited to learn from them!

Let the learning continue.  

May 2017

I'm presenting at the Bay Area Experimental Workshop and working on writing up my experimental work on trust. I just wrapped up grading ethical dilemmas from MBA students and I am slowly transitioning to summer research mode. 

I'll be in San Francisco this summer writing my dissertation.